Andrew W. Mellon Former Fellows at Price Lab for Digital Humanities

Elliot Montpelier
Elliot Montpellier

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Anthropology and Department of South Asia Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Elliot Montpellier is interested in mediatized discourse about Islam, piety, and morality in Pakistani media productions, specifically television drama serials. He is a dual-degree PhD candidate...

Head shot of Prof. Nicky Agate
Nicky Agate

Assistant University Librarian for Research Data & Digital Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania

Nicky Agate has spent her career exploring the possibilities of open and ethical publishing models; championing the redefinition of scholarly praxis; and rethinking evaluation and assessment...

Shaashi Ahlawat
Shaashi Ahlawat

Shaashi Ahlawat is a PhD candidate in the Department of South Asia Studies. Her research interests include South Asian Buddhism, eastern Indian art and architecture, cultural encounters, spatial...

Matt Aiello in a dark t shirt in front of a brick wall
Matthew Aiello

Ph.D. Candidate, English, University of Pennsylvania

Matthew Aiello is a Ph.D. Candidate in English at UPenn. His dissertation, Writing Under Duress: Trauma and Repetition in Early England, 1070-1270 treats trauma as a dynamic...

Head shot of Prof. Clovis Bergère
Clovis Bergère

Assistant Director for Research, Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Clovis Bergère is Assistant Director for Research at the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication (CARGC) at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of...

Peter Cobb

Kowalski Family Teaching Specialist for Digital Archaeology, Classical Studies and the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials

Peter J. Cobb is an Anatolian archaeologist and a ceramics specialist.  He recently completed his PhD in the...

Petra Cramer in the field.
Petra Cramer

Creamer earned her B.A. in Anthropology (with a focus in archaeology) at the Ohio State University in 2014, with her senior honors thesis addressing the trade and culture of resins and amber in...

Johnathan Dick seated in front of a small, round table. A plant pot in the background
Jonathan Dick

Jonathan Dick is a second-year graduate student in English at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a BA and an MA in English and Comparative Literature, both from the University of Toronto....

Max Dugan Headshot
Max Dugan

Max is a doctoral student in the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Religious Studies specializing in Islam. His research foregrounds materiality in the production and contestation...

Headshot of Angelina Eimannsberger
Angelina Eimannsberger

Angelina Eimannsberger is a graduate student in the Comparative Literature department at the University of Pennsylvania. Eimannsberger's research focuses on contemporary US women writers,...

Catherine Fantuzzo
Catherine Fantuzzo

Sophomore, Comparative Literature and Russian and East European Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Catherine Fantuzzo is a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania where she is double majoring in Comparative Literature (Russ. and French Lit) and Russian and East European Studies...

Head shot of Jared Farmer
Jared Farmer

Professor and Chair of Graduate Studies, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania

Jared Farmer is Professor and Chair of Graduate Studies, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania. An environmental historian, Farmer has temporal expertise in the long nineteenth...

Headshot of Prof. Jennifer Garcon
Jennifer Garcon

Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Garcon is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at Penn Libraries, and was previously the CLIR Bollinger Fellow in Public and Community Data Curation (2018-2020), where she facilitated...

Cordula Grewe

Associate Professor, Dept. of Art History
Indiana University Bloomington

Cordula Grewe (Indiana University Bloomington) specializes in 18th- and 19th-century European art, with emphasis on visual piety, word-image relationships, and aesthetics. Having published...

Head shot of Prof. Emily Hammer
Emily Hammer

Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department, University of Pennsylvania

Emily Hammer is an archaeologist and Assistant Professor in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department. She has worked in Turkey, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Afghanistan, and Iraq on...

Headshot Cassidy Holahan
Cassidy Holahan

Cassidy is a PhD candidate in the University of Pennsylvania’s English Department specializing in eighteenth-century literature. Her research interests include book history, the history...

Ayako Kano

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Ayako Kano is Associate Professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations (EALC), and is also...

Aylin Malcolm
Aylin Malcolm

Ph.D. candidate, English, University of Pennsylvania

Aylin Malcolm is a Ph.D. candidate in English with previous degrees from Ohio State (M.A. in English) and McGill (B.A.&Sc. in Environment). Their research interests include medieval poetry,...

Laura McGrath Headshot
Laura B. McGrath

Assistant Professor of English and Digital Humanities at Temple University

Laura B. McGrath is Assistant Professor of English and Digital Humanities at Temple University. She specializes in post-1945 U.S. literature, literary sociology, and computational analysis. She is...

Headshot of Zain Mian
Zain R. Mian

Zain R. Mian is interested in contemporary debates on World Literature, the sociology of literary institutions and forms, as well as historiographical theory, genre theory, and narratology...

Head shot of Jessica Milby
Jessica Milby

Manager of Digital Records, Archives, and Publications at Penn Museum

Jessica Milby adapted her fine arts and art history background into working with technology. As the Penn Museum's Manager of Digital Records, Archives, and Publications, she guides digital...

Breanna Moore

P.h.D candidate, History, University of Pennsylvania

Breanna Moore is a third year PhD student in the History Department at University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from UPenn with majors in International Relations and African Studies in 2015.Her...

Chris Mustazza

Co-Director of the PennSound Archive, IT Director in Penn's School of Arts & Science

Chris Mustazza is Co-Director of the PennSound Archive, IT Director in Penn's School of Arts & Sciences, and lecturer in English. His work focuses on experimental digital analyses of...

Julie Napolin


Julie Beth Napolin is a scholar, musician, and radio producer (KALW’s “Philosophy Talk”). She is former Associate Director of The Digital Yoknapatawpha Project, a trustee of the Joseph...

Mélanie Péron

Senior Lecturer, French and Francophone Studies

Mélanie Péron is a Senior Lecturer in Foreign Language in the department of Romance Languages. She teaches both French History and Culture courses. In Fall 2016, she created the course « Paris...

J.D. Porter in a white shirt and dark jacket standing in front of a glass wall.
J.D. Porter

Digital Humanities Specialist

J.D. Porter is a DH Project Specialist at the Price Lab. He received his PhD in English from Stanford University in 2017 and then worked as the Associate/Technical Director at the Stanford...

headshot of Prof. Krystal Strong wearing a black shirt with white text that reads "Jawn".
Krystal Strong

Assistant Professor, Education and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

Krystal Strong is a scholar-organizer whose research and teaching focus on activism, the cultural and political power of youth, and the role of educational spaces as sites of political...

Head shot of Prof. Whitney Trettien
Whitney Trettien

Assistant Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania

Whitney Trettien is a scholar, teacher, and assistant professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work explores the deep history of literary technologies, from early printed...

Naomi Waltham-Smith

Assistant Professor of Music

A graduate of Selwyn College, Cambridge and King’s College London, Naomi Waltham-Smith is interested in digital soundmapping of urban precarity and exclusion and in 2019–2020 she will be a fellow...

Head shot of Prof. Woody
Christine Woody

Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Textual Scholarship Program, Widener University

Christine Woody is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Textual Scholarship Program at Widener University. She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and...