Price Mid-Doctoral Fellow

Max Dugan

Max is a doctoral student in the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Religious Studies specializing in Islam. His research foregrounds materiality in the production and contestation of Islamic modernity. Max is currently developing a dissertation project that will examine Islamic bodies, objects, and infrastructure in the US using digital humanities and ethnographic methods. Max plans to use DH tools to visualize the social networks forming around discourse on Twitter about Islamic tattoos, as well as map the development of the Halal food infrastructure in the Philadelphia area. His project will speak to issues of class, gender, race, and communal authority, while offering insight into the role of technology and materiality in non-elite, lived Islam in the US. Alongside his research, Max hopes to help grow the DH community at Penn by sharing tools and resources with segments of the community that have so far had limited exposure to them.

Max Dugan Headshot