Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

Projects at Price Lab

Claudia Lynn, Sibel Sayılı-Hurley

This project  is being developed for use in German 104.

Designing a database to classify historical playbills.

Peter Decherney

The Fan Engagement Meter identifies lines of film dialogue that fans most like to repeat, rewrite, revise, and riff off of.

Whitney Trettien, Liza Daly

Manicule is a standalone React/Redux web application for presenting unique printed books and manuscripts in digital facsimile. It allows editors to:

Mélanie Péron, Kyra Schulman

This project is developed around an interactive multimedia map of Paris during the German Occupation.

Orchid Tierney

Unearthing new connections in poetry from the PennSound Archive.

Andrew Saunders

Preparation for an international traveling exhibition of the research on Baroque Architecture.

Sudev J Sheth

Synthesizing approaches in data science with historical questions and primary sources from early-modern India (AD 1352-1850).

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