Projects at Price Lab

Mortgaging Out: FHA Credit, Redlining, and Rental Housing in Metropolitan America
  • Brent Cebul
  • Michael Glass

“Mortgaging Out” is a digital history project that illuminates the  impact of Federal Housing Administration credit policies  on the availability of affordable rental housing during and immed

PO Box 34: Connecting voices inside with voices outside
  • Erika Tsuchiya-Bergere
  • Jessa Lingel
  • Whitney Trettien

PO Box 34 aims to connect incarcerated writers with a wider audience, including writing mentors and educators, collaborators from the international visual arts community, musicians, performers, peo

Minor Labels: Detecting Genre in Pitchfork Reviews
  • J.D. Porter
  • Stewart Varner

We analyze 23,000 reviews from to establish a network of over 7,000 artists based on their co-presence in reviews.

Nationalizing Epics
  • David Wallace
  • Cassandra Hradil

National Epics will run from Albania and Algeria to Vietnam and Wales, an alphabetical organization that reproduces the sovereign, Olympian starkness of nationalism.

Mutinous Women
  • Joan Dejean
  • Cassandra Hradil
  • Paule Carbonnel

A decade after its founding, New Orleans was home to at least 37 women who had been deported from France in 1719. Most of them had been unjustly pronounced guilty of prostitution.

Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation
  • Brian Kim
  • Kevin Platt

This project investigates the role of translation in nineteenth-century Russian literature’s rise to prominence in world literature as a case study in the processes whereby a nationally or linguist

Punk Cubano
  • Carmen Torre Perez

Punk Cubano is the first digital archive dedicated to Cuban punk culture.

  • Jared Farmer

Fossil fuel powered the making—now the unmaking—of the modern world.

Fan Engagement Meter
  • Peter Decherney

The Fan Engagement Meter identifies lines of film dialogue that fans most like to repeat, rewrite, revise, and riff off of.