Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

Projects at Price Lab

Chantel White

Creating an archaeobotanical database that includes a large number of experimentally processed plant specimens.

Peter Cobb

Developing Android applications to support archaeological fieldwork in the region of Western Anatolia (modern Turkey).

Petra Creamer

Digitizing archeological data from the Tell Billa excavation.

Molly Des Jardin

Examining the use of language related to imperialism and nationalism in the Japanese magazine, Taiyō.

Orchid Tierney

Unearthing new connections in poetry from the PennSound Archive.

Stephanie Hagan

A 3D digital model of a now-lost Roman building known to us through drawings, written descriptions, and archaeological excavation.

Zachary Lesser

An online database that lists all known extant copies of all Shakespeare editions through 1700.

Jim English, Lyle Ungar, Tianli Han, Scott Enderle

An exploration of online user reviews in the Goodreads social reading site via computational analysis.

Oliver Rollins, Benjamin Wiggins

A qualitative content analysis of the seemingly mundane, normalized, and/or impartial descriptors, discourses, and practices that operate as referents for race.