Projects at Price Lab

Preserving Society Hill
  • Francesca Ammon

A multimedia, map-based website for documenting the urban renewal of Philadelphia’s Society Hill neighborhood during the 1950s-70s.

Archaeobotanical Database
  • Chantel White

Creating an archaeobotanical database that includes a large number of experimentally processed plant specimens.

Digital Tools for Archaeological Fieldwork in Turkey
  • Peter Cobb

Developing Android applications to support archaeological fieldwork in the region of Western Anatolia (modern Turkey).

Digitizing Tell Billa
  • Petra Creamer

Digitizing archeological data from the Tell Billa excavation.

Imperial Language in Taiyō Magazine
  • Molly Des Jardin

Examining the use of language related to imperialism and nationalism in the Japanese magazine, Taiyō.

Piecing Together Fragments
  • Stephanie Hagan

A 3D digital model of a now-lost Roman building known to us through drawings, written descriptions, and archaeological excavation.

The New Shakespeare Census
  • Zachary Lesser

An online database that lists all known extant copies of all Shakespeare editions through 1700.

Mining Goodreads
  • Jim English
  • Lyle Ungar
  • Rahul H. Dhakecha
  • Scott Enderle

An exploration of online user reviews in the Goodreads social reading site via computational analysis.

Proxies for Race: A Catalogue
  • Oliver Rollins
  • Benjamin Wiggins

A qualitative content analysis of the seemingly mundane, normalized, and/or impartial descriptors, discourses, and practices that operate as referents for race.