Projects at Price Lab

Machine-­Aided Close Listening
  • Chris Mustazza

A new application to empirically study the phonotextual relationship between the printed and the performed poem.

The Marenzio Online Digital Edition (MODE)
  • Mauro Calcagno

Introduces a new model for producing and disseminating scores of Western music by integrating musical philology and digital technology.

Contemporary Fiction Database
  • Jim English
  • Scott Enderle
  • Daniel Sample

Uses quantitative relationships among mid-sized, hand-made datasets to map the field of Anglophone fiction from 1960 to the present.

Etymological Database for Indo-European languages
  • Rolf Noyer

Will produce an up-to-date cross-linguistic etymological dictionary of Indo-European languages built on a relational database format.

Site Plan for Sigiriya
  • Divya Kumar-Dumas

GIS technology and drawing software are used to develop digital site plans for the ancient city of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, a World Heritage Site.

The Kani Shaie Archaeological Project
  • Steve Renette

Will create an online museum to document the rise of social complexity of human societies in the Bazyan Valley in the Early Bronze Age.

Diversity in a Social Context
  • Daniel Singer

Uses multiple agent-based computer simulations to create and analyze a unified model of diversity and expertise.

Mapping the “Divine Comedy”
  • Andrea Gazzoni

GIS is used to map the places mentioned in Dante’s "The Divine Comedy," in order to represent and explore Dante's geographical imagination.

Romanesque Spain
  • Elizabeth Lastra

Uses computer vision technologies to enable greater access to Spanish medieval sites, art, and artifacts.