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Welcome to the Price Lab Podcast, a series focused on the people who are building, using, and critiquing the digital tools and techniques transforming the humanities. In each episode, friends of the Price Lab will speak to a different scholar about their work and the digital tools and resources shaping their research and pedagogy.

In this episode, PL Managing Director, Stewart Varner, talks to Joel Lee about his time at Penn navigating the spaces between his two majors–English & Computer Science, the impact a DH class had on his time at Penn as well as his current job, & other humanities projects.

This episode was edited by Steven Perez.

Intro Music by Steven Perez.

December 18, 2023
Episode 14: Malkia Okech

In this episode, Price Lab Managing Director, Stewart Varner, talks to Malkia Okech about her time at Penn, working with the Penn & Slavery Project, and other public humanities projects she's worked on post-graduation. Malkia Okech was the first student to complete the minor in Digital Humanities at Penn.

This episode was edited by Steven Perez.

Intro Music by Steven Perez.

January 1, 2023
Picture of Scott Enderle
In Memoriam: Scott Enderle

This special episode of the Price Lab Podcast is dedicated to our colleague and friend Scott Enderle who died on September 11, 2021. Scott was one of the DH Specialists associated with the Price Lab and a leading thinker and innovator in quantitative literary analysis. More importantly, he was simply one of the best people most of us knew. This episode combines some found audio of Scott talking about his work with thoughts and reflections from some of the people with whom he worked closely.

July 20, 2022
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Episode 13: Lauren Tilton

Lauren Tilton is an Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities in the Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies at the University of Richmond and a Research Fellow in the Digital Scholarship Lab. Her work fits loosely within visual studies but she has introduced many in DH to something she and her frequent collaborator Taylor Arnold call distant viewing; a suite of methods as well as a theoretical framework that uses computers to look for meaningful patterns in image data. 

June 2, 2021
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Episode 12: Thomas Padilla

Thomas Padilla, Director of Information Systems and Technology Strategy at the Center for Research Libraries, joins Penn's Dr. Jennifer Garcon to discuss the Collections As Data project, reparative justice practices in DH, and the possibilities and pitfalls of the word community.

April 19, 2021
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Episode 11: Lauren Klein

Lauren Klein is an Associate Professor at Emory University. Price Lab fellow Nicky Agate joined Lauren over Zoom to talk about her book, Data Feminism, co-authored with Catherine D’Ignazio. Their discussion delves into the intersection of feminist thinking and data science, the genesis of data visualization, and how data can be used for social good.

February 1, 2021
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Episode 10: Hilde De Weerdt

Penn Ph.D. candidate in German, Florian Breitkopf, interviews Hilde De Weerdt (Professor of Chinese History, University of Leiden). They discuss Prof. De Weerdt's path to Chinese studies, the presence of the digital humanities in European academia, and how working with digital methodologies can help scholars work across disciplinary, geographical, and oral boundaries.



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Episode 9: Kathleen Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Price Lab's Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellow, Whitney Trettien (Assistant Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania), is joined in conversation by Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Director of Digital Humanities; Professor of English, Michigan State University). Fitzpatrick and Trettien discuss the opportunities of digital publishing, as well as the importance of higher education, and the status of optimism in decidedly pessimistic times.

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Episode 8: Sylvester Johnson

The Price Lab podcast is back for a second season! Our first guest, Sylvester A. Johnson (Director of the Virginia Tech Center for Humanities), is a nationally recognized humanities scholar specializing in the study of race, technology, and religion.

October 20, 2020