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DReAM Lab 2019

Hosted at the University of Pennsylvania, DReAM Lab is designed to help humanists become more confident and thoughtful users, creators and critics of digital technology. There are 8 courses to choose from, each of which combines technology instruction with practical application. DReAM Lab is open to everyone but has been designed with aspiring and teaching faculty, aspiring research librarians and aspiring archivists in mind. Register now, and we'll see you June 10-14, 2019!

Michael Gamer and Scott Enderle featured in Omnia

The pair talks about their English Playbills Project.

Graduate Student DH Working Group

The Price Lab's Working Group meets biweekly to imagine generative uses of technology in student work and to sustain a community of curious young scholars.
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Events & Seminars

February 22

Zotero for Citations and Images

Meaghan Moody, Patricia Guardiola
February 25

Orchid Tierney (University of Pennsylvania)

Mellon DH Seminar