Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

Projects at Price Lab

Jim English, Lyle Ungar, Tianli Han, Scott Enderle

An exploration of online user reviews in the Goodreads social reading site via computational analysis.

Oliver Rollins, Benjamin Wiggins

A qualitative content analysis of the seemingly mundane, normalized, and/or impartial descriptors, discourses, and practices that operate as referents for race.

Chris Mustazza

A new application to empirically study the phonotextual relationship between the printed and the performed poem.

Mauro Calcagno

Introduces a new model for producing and disseminating scores of Western music by integrating musical philology and digital technology.

Jim English, Scott Enderle, Daniel Sample

Uses quantitative relationships among mid-sized, hand-made datasets to map the field of Anglophone fiction from 1960 to the present.

Rolf Noyer

Will produce an up-to-date cross-linguistic etymological dictionary of Indo-European languages built on a relational database format.