Projects at Price Lab

Machine-­Aided Close Listening
  • Chris Mustazza

A new application to empirically study the phonotextual relationship between the printed and the performed poem.

The Marenzio Online Digital Edition (MODE)

Introduces a new model for producing and disseminating scores of Western music by integrating musical philology and digital technology.

Contemporary Fiction Database
  • Jim English
  • Scott Enderle
  • Daniel Sample

Uses quantitative relationships among mid-sized, hand-made datasets to map the field of Anglophone fiction from 1960 to the present.

Site Plan for Sigiriya

GIS technology and drawing software are used to develop digital site plans for the ancient city of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, a World Heritage Site.

The Kani Shaie Archaeological Project

Will create an online museum to document the rise of social complexity of human societies in the Bazyan Valley in the Early Bronze Age.

Diversity in a Social Context

Uses multiple agent-based computer simulations to create and analyze a unified model of diversity and expertise.

Romanesque Spain

Uses computer vision technologies to enable greater access to Spanish medieval sites, art, and artifacts.

The Al-Hiba Publication Project

Will construct a relational database that brings together unpublished excavation data from the ancient city of Lagash.

The History of Anthropology Newsletter Online

A new editorial collective based in the HSS department will relaunch The History of Anthropology Newsletter online.