Romanesque Spain

Romanesque Spain

Project Start Date: 
April, 2015April, 2016

RomanesqueSpain is a digital humanities web-resource, which is designed to enable greater access to Spanish medieval sites. Through computer vision technologies, the online viewer is invited to explore medieval art in detail, in both two- and three-dimensions. Visitors to the site are able to pan across a twelfth-century sculpted fa├žade or circle a carved capital from a medieval monastery.

The site uses two complimentary technologies: three-dimensional modeling and gigapixel photography. Three-dimensional models, primarily created using structure-from-motion modeling, allow a viewer to explore each side of an object and navigate to any feature of interest. Gigapixel images, two-dimensional images of ultra-high resolution, enable close examination and situating of individual details within a complete artistic program.

These new technologies offer a degree of access and explorability previously impossible off-site. The resource is intended for students, scholars, and armchair travelers alike, with the dual goals of expanding Spanish Romanesque scholarship and increasing interest and knowledge of these art works in the general public.

This project was initially funded by Penn's Digital Humanities Forum.