PO Box 34

PO Box 34

Connecting voices inside with voices outside

Erika Tsuchiya-Bergere

Media Artist and Producer

Jessa Lingel

Associate Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication

Whitney Trettien

Assistant Professor of English 

Project Start Date: 
August, 2022

PO Box 34 aims to connect incarcerated writers with a wider audience, including writing mentors and educators, collaborators from the international visual arts community, musicians, performers, people who express creatively. I hope this will open up conversation and ultimately get feedback, correspondence & connection to the writers and artists in prison.

See the project here: https://pobox34.github.io/pobox-34/

Student Writing Mentors:

Gabriela Alvarado
Isabel Casares
Kinjal Dave
Anastasia Hutnick