Stitching the Fragmented

Stitching the Fragmented

WWII Paris and the Shoah
Project Team Members

Mélanie Péron

Senior Lecturer in Foreign Language

Project Start Date: 
August, 2023

The project of this website was created for an undergraduate advanced French history and culture course entitled Paris under the German Occupation and its [Non-] Places of Memory. The French title is a play on the words « lieu de mémoire » (place of memory) and « un non-lieu » (a dismissed case). The first questions I was faced with when putting the syllabus together were: How could students of French, from an American university, understand a past neither of us lived? And how to expect students – some of whom have never been to Paris - to envision the city under the German Occupation without even knowing its space?

Student Workers:

Map and Research:
• Kyra Schulman (’19)

• Beverlye Gedeon (’21)
• Leanore Petermeijer (’20)
• Chloë Reum (’19)

• Anyelina Wu (’22)
• The students of FRENCH 225 from 2016 to today


• Laurie Allen (Library of Congress)
• Peter Decherney (Penn Online Learning Initiative and Cinema and Media Studies)
• Scott Enderle (Penn Libraries)
• Cassidy Holohan (Ph.D. Candidate in the English Department)
• Cassandra Hradil (Price Lab for Digital Humanities)
• Vickie Karasic (Bryn Mawr College)
• Samantha Kirk (Drexel University)
• Wes Martin (Vitale Lab, Penn Libraries)
• Meaghan Moody (U. of Rochester)
• Ian Petrie (Penn Center for Teaching and Learning)
• Sasha Renninger (S.A.S. Computing)
• Coral Salomón
• Chava Spivak-Birndorf (Drexel University)
• David Toccafondi (Vitale Lab, Penn Libraries)
• Chris Vandergrift (Vitale Lab, Penn Libraries)
• Kenneth Whitebloom (Swarthmore U.)
• Last but not least, all the survivors who kindly entrusted us with their stories and were always willing to talk with us.


• The Price Lab for Digital Humanities
• The Penn Language Center
• The Penn Center for Teaching and Learning