Episode 5: Julie Beth Napolin

Episode 5: Julie Beth Napolin

In this episode, we are joined by Price Lab's Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2020), Julie Beth Napolin. In collaboration with former Mellon Graduate Fellow (2018-2019), Orchid Tierney, Napolin narrates the story of her work as a sound scholar, radio journalist, and digital humanist. She discusses the power of oral history, biases built into audio technology, and the importance of investigating how we hear and listen and who is the "we" who is doing the hearing and listening. 

Her book, The Fact of Resonance, is available through Fordham University Press. 

For more information: juliebethnapolin.com


"Prisoner of Mars" by Stereolab  

"Night Watch" - by Blue Dot Sessions

"Water Cool Quiet" by Blue Dot Sessions 

"Unknown" by Raymond Scott 

"Plaque" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Green Arrow" by Yo La Tengo

"Setting Pace" by Blue Dot Sessions


Sound Excerpts: 

William Faulkner- That Evening Sun, read by Arliss Howard

Mr. Microphone Commercial from 1981

Testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in front of Senate Judiciary Committee