Franca Trubiano (University of Pennsylvania)

Franca Trubiano (University of Pennsylvania)

Modeling Information and Building Synthesis

Architecture is a discipline whose contemporary design and construction practices are predicated on the exchange of large amounts of data. This seminar will focus on BIM (Building Information Protocols) based protocols which are now used to help organize the construction of many exemplary buildings, and which in their own way are inspiring innovations in design. Digitized building has succeeded in reintegrating the practices of design and construction, whose intellectual and material terrains were deemed oppositional in the wake of 19th century dualism. How and why ‘building information modeling’ offers architects the best hope of re-conciliating that which modern metaphysics ripped asunder is the focus on this talk.

Franca Trubiano is Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Architecture) at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a Registered Architect with l'Ordre des Architectes du Quebec and an International Associate of the AIA. She conducts funded research in the areas of Advanced Energy Retrofits and Building Information Modeling. She teaches in construction technology, materials, theories of building, integrated design, architectural ecologies, and high performance buildings.

October 9, 2017
Nevil Classroom, Penn Museum

2017-18 Mellon Seminar Series