Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

Price Mellon Research Fellow

Carol Muller

Professor of Music

Carol Muller is a South African born Professor of Music.  She has published widely on South African music: on religious music, gender issues, South African jazz at home and in exile; since being at Penn she has expanded her teaching into Academically Basic Community Service pedagogy, with student partnership research amongst the African American Christian and Muslim communities in West Philly, and more recently with the Sudanese American immigrant, refugee and exile community.  For more than a decade Muller has explored the world of online learning--through summer classes at Penn, a MOOC, and other kinds of blended instruction.  She has taken students to the National Arts Festival in South Africa four times, and is now preparing to take a new group of students to South Africa through Penn Global Seminars.  Muller's new research extends the community engagement music research into the field of trauma and the arts: starting with a large conference to be held in April 2019 that will draw researchers, practitioners, non-profits into a conversation with each other, and with three invited guests who work on trauma and the arts on the African continent.  Muller has become interested in the field of digital humanities because of the significant data generated about student user patterns in MOOCS, her desire to increase archival access for all community stakeholders in partnership research, and for the possibilities of increasing access to knowledge through online instruction.  She is ready to learn from others and to reshape the materials she and her students have generated over the last 15 years or so.  She is currently engaged in a non-music research project with Penn alum Tshepo Masango Chery on the work of the Christian church in preparing South Africans for the transition towards a post-apartheid nation.  The project has a digital component and is titled Faith of our Fathers.