Python for Humanists

December 1, 2018 (All day)December 2, 2018 (All day)

Humanities Conference Room
Williams Hall, 6th floor
255 S. 36th Street


The Price Lab is excited to host our third iteration of Python for Humanists, a two-day workshop designed to teach graduate students in the humanities the foundations of programming using Python. This is a great opportunity to learn valuable skills that that can open the door to cutting edge digital humanities research.

Both days will be spent with expert instructors who will show you the basics of using your computer’s command line and get you started with the very popular Python programming language. The workshop is free but limited to Penn Graduate Students in the School of Arts & Sciences.

About the Lead Instructor:

Jacob Levernier is the CLIR Bollinger Fellow in Library Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his doctoral work in personality and social psychology at the University of Oregon in 2016; his dissertation involved performing text analyses on ~140,000 obituaries to study values across the United States. Jacob's graduate work also centered on data ethics.

Beyond his work in the social sciences and, in the University's Libraries, as a data scientist and privacy analyst, Jacob also has a background in the Humanities. As an undergraduate, he studied Western Classics and medieval ethics; later, as a graduate student, he worked on several projects in collaboration with philosophers (including his dissertation, half of the Committee for which were ethicists). Jacob also consulted on data mining projects in English and journalism as a Graduate Affiliate of the University of Oregon's Digital Scholarship Center. Currently, Jacob particularly enjoys collaborating on projects involving data from medieval manuscripts.

In the library context, where data are often sensitive and users must be able to maintain trust in their institutions to effect their research, Jacob's work now focuses on defining, promoting, and protecting privacy for data that users generate.

Dec 1-2, 2018

Open to Penn grad students only. Lunch will be provided.