Mellon Seminar: Laurie Allen

October 9, 2023 - 12:00pm

Williams Hall 623

Laurie will not be representing her employer in this conversation. Instead, she'll be drawing on her professional career in digital scholarship. She'll offer a quick tour of some of the ways that the Digital Innovation Division at the Library of Congress, known as LC Labs, has explored machine learning applications over the past several years. Then, she'll talk about the ways that the explosion of AI development (and hype) over the past year have impacted their department, and required the team to draw on approaches familiar to digital humanists and librarians to help guide the agency in responsibly approaching potential implementations of AI.
Laurie Allen has had a long career in libraires and digital scholarship (including a stint as Director of Digital Scholarship at Penn Libraries) and is currently the Chief of the Digital Innovation Division (aka LC Labs) at the Library of Congress.