How To Talk About DH (*particularly on the job market)

Graduate Student Working Group
November 28, 2023 - 3:30pm

Williams 623


While digital methods are increasingly common in the humanities, the status of "Digital Humanities" has evolved over the years. Once a cutting-edge buzzword, DH has grown into a vast umbrella covering a myriad of scholarly activities that can nevertheless be a polarizing concept.


The purpose of this meeting of the Graduate Student Working Group in Digital Humanities is to have a candid discussion about strategies for talking about and representing digital work in professional contexts including but not limited to job interviews. It should be useful for students who have solid DH experience but also students who are wondering if their work even counts as digital.


Panelists will be:


Brent Cebul, History
Emily Hammer, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Jim English, English
Whitney Trettien, English