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Annie Swafford (Tufts University)

Annie Swafford (Tufts University)

Annie (Joanna) Swafford is a Digital Humanities Specialist at Tufts University. Before that, she was the Assistant Professor for Interdisciplinary and Digital Teaching and Scholarship at the State University of New York, New Paltz.

As a graduate student, she built two digital humanities tools to facilitate music and literary scholarship:  Songs of the Victorians, an archive and analysis of parlor and art song settings of Victorian poems with an interactive framework that highlights each measure of a score in time with its music, and Augmented Notes, a tool that lets users build their own interdisciplinary websites like Songs of the Victorians.  (To find out more about these tools, visit her site).  She was also lead developer for the first version of Prism, a tool for collaborative interpretations of text. 

April 9, 2018
Humanities Conference Room, Williams Hall

2017-18 Mellon Seminar Series