Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

Other DH Projects at Penn

Penn has many exciting digital humanities projects underway beyond what the Price Lab funds. Lead researchers on these other projects include several members of the Price Lab Executive Board and other scholars closely involved in the activities of the Lab. Included in the following list are projects funded by the Digital Humanities Forum, the two-year pilot initative (2013–2015) which led to the Price Lab for Digital Humanities. All researchers are Penn affiliated unless otherwise indicated.


The Early Novels Database

P.I.: John Shaw, Director of Logistics and Access Services, University of Pennsylvania Libraries; Rachel Buurma, Associate Professor, English literature, Swarthmore College
Project Managers: Beth Seltzer, PhD, English, Temple University; Alice Tweedy McGrath, PhD Candidate, English

The project will create robust metadata for English novels published between 1660-1830 – both controlled vocabulary and descriptive metadata unique to each novel. They also run the Social Lives of Metadata project – a peek behind the curtain at the production of library metadata. More

Digital Latin Library

P.I.: Cynthia Damon, Professor of Classical Studies

The Digital Latin Library will provide a single access point for online Latin resources, with significant attention paid to creating uniform metadata. More

Curating Menus

P.I.: Katie Rawson, CLIR Bollinger Fellow in Library Innovation
Co-investigator: Trevor Muñoz, Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research, University of Maryland Libraries; Associate Director, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)

Digital collection of menus from New York Public Library’s special collections.  The project has crowd sourced digitization and transcription of the (so far) over 17000 of the library’s 45 000 menus. All the data is downloadable as an API. More

Digital Knowledge Sharing program at CNAIR

P.I.: Timothy Powell, Senior Lecturer Department of Religious Studies University of Pennsylvania and Director of Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR), the American Philosophical Society.

The program brings Native American fellows to Philadelphia to select materials for digitization that can be used for language preservation and cultural revitalization in indigenous communities. More

The Royal Inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian Period (RINAP) Online

P.I.: Grant Frame, Associate Professor of Assyriology, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
Co-investigators: Barry L. Eichler, Yeshiva University; Erle Leichty; Karen Radner, University College London; Steve Tinney

An in-print and online translation of all of the known royal inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian kings from the reign of Tiglath-pileser III (744-727 B.C.E.) to that of the last Assyrian ruler, Ashur-uballit II (611–609 B.C.E.).  More