Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities


Building a Corpus and Making It Work!

In conjunction with the Penn Libraries, the Price Lab for Digital Humanities will be hosting a series of presentations titled, "Building a Corpus and Making it Work!" on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 2. This event focuses on building as well as using corpora in non-Western languages and covers existing and proposed digital corpora, and potential applications.

Seven invited speakers will discuss their projects related to East Asian text digitization, manipulation, and analysis. All are welcome and the presentations will appeal to those in the humanities, computer science, data visualization, and more; there will be plenty of time for discussion among the disciplines. The language of the event is English although the content covered will necessarily involve resources in Japanese and Chinese.

Presentations Include:

Molly Des Jardin and Brian Vivier (University of Pennsylvania)
"Introducing the Imperial Lexiscape"

Hideki Mima (University of Tokyo)
"Current Research on Curricula Visualization"

Mark Ravina (Emory University)
"Text Mining the Freedom and Popular Rights Movement”

Donald Sturgeon (Harvard University)
"Textual Parallels in Classical Chinese Literature: A Digital Approach"

Aswin Mannepalli (University of Pennsylvania)
"Persona: A Digital Humanities Tool For Extracting Biographical Data From Japanese Sources"

May 2, 2017 - 1:00pm4:00pm

Kislak Center Seminar Room 626, 6th Floor