Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

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Andrew W. Mellon Price Lab Summer Fellowships for Penn Undergraduate Students

Call for Applications, Summer 2018

The Price Lab is offering four Andrew W. Mellon Summer Fellowships for Penn undergraduate students. In general, we favor humanities majors in the College, although social sciences majors and students from other Penn schools who are interested in using computational tools in a humanities research environment are also encouraged to apply. For humanities majors, some previous coursework and experience in computer sciences or computational social sciences is helpful but not required. Awards pay up to $4500 for ten weeks in summer 2018. Applicants must be full-time and in good academic standing.

Two research categories are available: Faculty-Led Projects and Independent Research.

Faculty-Led Projects in Digital Humanities

Work this summer as a research assistant with some of the best minds in DH at Penn today. A few possible projects include The Goodreads Project, Machine-Aided Close Listening and the Performed Poem, Proxies for Race: A Catalogue, Data Refuge, and Monument Lab. Indicate one you would like to work on, or you can simply tell us your interests, and we will look for a project that matches your skills and inclinations. Other projects will be posted later in the term. 

To apply for an RA fellowship in a faculty-led DH project:

  • Submit a 300–500 word statement in which you identify a specific Penn DH project or an area of research you would like to work in. Explain why it interests you, and what skills you bring that would make you particularly suited to be a member of the project team.
  • Attach an unofficial copy of your Penn transcript as the final page of your application.

Submit your application to our secure server as a single PDF (including your LAST NAME in filename). 

Independent Research

We're looking for innovative, experimental proposals in areas that might include but not be limited to historical mapping, literary text mining, site or object modeling and visualization, or music and digital sound studies.

To apply for an independent research fellowship:

  • Submit a 300–500 word proposal that describes your project, its specific goals or desired outcomes, the particular digital tool or tools and methods to be employed, your previous coursework or experience in this area of research, and exceptional budgetary needs, if any, beyond the fellowship stipend. 
  • Attach an unofficial copy of your Penn transcript as the final page of your application.
  • Submit your application to our secure server as a single PDF (including your LAST NAME in filename).
  • A Penn faculty sponsor statement of support is required as part of your application. Once you have identified that faculty sponsor and discussed your proposal with him or her, that person must email us with very brief answers to the the following questions: "In what capacity have you (faculty) worked with the Price Lab fellowship applicant?" And, "What are the main reasons the Price Lab should support this summer research project?" The faculty statement of support is due by application deadline: March 19, 2018.
  • Please note that your faculty sponsor will be required to sign off on your final report, due at the conclusion of your project.


Application Deadline
Monday, March 19, 2018

Submit Application
We will notify applicants of decisions by late April.