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Course Development Support

Course Development Support

Would you like to try something different in your teaching?  Do you have a staple course that could use a reboot? The Price Lab can help you develop a new course or retool an existing one. Our aim is to foster an enlarged curriculum in digital approaches to history, art, and culture and to provide more opportunities for humanities students to acquire skills in the use of digital tools and methods.

You don’t have to be proficient in DH technologies to apply for Price Lab support. You just need to have an idea for a course that could contribute to the DH curriculum. If we think we have the resources to support development of such a course, we will convene a meeting where representatives from the Library, the Weigle Information Commons, SAS Computing, and the Center for Teaching and Learning discuss with you some viable approaches, relevant tools and resources, and possible co-instructors. In some cases the aim will be to provide a digital “makeover” of an existing class; in others, to create a new course from scratch. If we all agree to proceed, the Price Lab will assign and coordinate a support team to work with you on designing the course and to assist you when you teach it.

These grants do not carry any set budget. Our funds will be used as needed to assist you in launching the course. This may involve providing a dedicated technical assistant or a TA with special skills, paying honoraria for guest instructors, or hiring a consultant. In general we do not purchase computers or other hardware for individual faculty, nor do we fund travel.
All members of the standing faculty, senior lecturers, and Library staff who teach in the College are eligible to apply.


The application consists of a 600-word description of your proposed course highlighting its potential contribution to the School’s DH curriculum. Bear in mind that we are looking for courses that will encourage students to approach cultural and historical subjects in new ways, making use of technologically advanced tools and non-traditional methods. We are not interested in simply presenting standard course material through digital media. It is not necessary for the entire syllabus to be oriented around digital approaches; a DH unit within a methods survey class would be suitable. The Price Lab will accord some preference to classes with enrollments over 20 and to those with a high likelihood of being repeated in future years.

Your letter of application should be submitted along with an up to date CV. We review applications on a rolling basis. However, if you seek assistance with a course you are teaching in spring 2017, please submit an application by October 1, 2016. For assistance with a course you are teaching in fall 2017, please submit an application by March 16, 2017.

We are always happy to help you plan ahead for a course you will be teaching a year or two from now and are available to brainstorm ideas at any time.

Suggested Application Deadline

October 1, 2016 for spring 2017 courses.

March 16, 2017 for fall 2017 courses or later

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Questions about Course Development Support?
Please email Stewart Varner, Managing Director of the Price Lab, at svarner@sas.upenn.edu or call 215.746.5943.