Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

DH Classes at Penn

DH Classes at Penn

Classes in Culture, New Media, and Research Technologies for Students Interested in DH

Over the next three years, with the support of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Price Lab will be developing a new SAS curriculum in digital humanities. Some of the courses we are planning include an introduction to computer programming for non-STEM majors, an introduction to literary text mining, an introduction to GIS and historical mapping, and a class in digital curation of cultural heritage materials. Our goal is to establish an interdisciplinary minor in digital humanities by 2018. In the meantime, we encourage humanities students with interests in DH to consider some of the classes currently offered in the fields of new media, digital visual culture, mapping and modeling, and the history of technology. Many of these classes make use of the staff and resources of the Weigle Information Commons, the all-purpose help and support center for students learning how to work with new media and research technologies.

The classes listed below are expected to be offered in 2015-16, but consult departmental course listings or the Penn Course Register to confirm. You are also encouraged to check the CamraPenn site for upcoming courses in new ethnographic media. Recent Camra offerings have included Miriam Durrani’s Communication and Culture, and the Seminar in Visual Ethnography taught by Stanton Wortham and Amitanshu Das.


Fall 2016

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Visualizing the Past/Peopling the Present
N. Badler and C. Erickson
Anthropology | ANTH 258-401; CIS 106-401

Quantitative Analysis in Anthropological Data
H. Dibble
Anthropology | ANTH 454-001

Modeling Geographical Objects
C. Tomlin or A. Hillier
City Planning | CPLN 503-401

Introduction to Digital Archaeology
P. Cobb
Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World | AAMW562; CLST 562-401; ANTH362

Poetry in a Digital Culture
O. Tierney
English | ENGL 200-304

History, Memory, Culture
M. Péron
French | FREN 225-301

Internet Law & Policy
K. Werbach
Legal Studies | LGST 222-401

Democratizing Data and the Analytics of Social Change
E. Dixon-Roman
Social Policy and Practice | MSSP 710-001

Mapping Philadelphia
P. Farber
Urban Studies | URBS 431-640



Spring 2016

Reading for Teaching: The Long Eighteenth-Century Canon and Digital Analysis Methods
T. Bowers
English | 548.301

E. Benson
History and Sociology of Science | STSC260

The Anthropology of Bits and Bytes: Digital Media in Global Perspective
L. Poggiali
Anthropology | ANTH537

Digital Humanities
R. Seguy
Comparative Literature | COML066

Cultural Diversity and the Digital Humanities
T. Powell
Religious Studies | RELS446

The Information Age
A. Voskuhl
History and Sociology of Science | STSC160

Literature Gone Viral
B. Blum
Comparative Literature | COML059

Internet Law & Policy
K. Werbach
Legal Studies | LGST222

The Politics of Digital Media Policy
V. Pickard
Communications | COMM417

Urban Research Methods
M. Stern
Urban Studies | URBS200

Quantitative Analysis in Anthropological Data
H. Dibble
Anthropology | ANTH454

Topics in the Art of Andalusia: Cordoba
R. Holod
Art History | ARTH538

Writing Seminar: The Digital Audience
P. Wehner
Critical Writing Program | WRIT028

Writing Seminar: Digital Romance
M. del Sol
Critical Writing Program | WRIT013

Writing Seminar: Digital Art
L. Fiorelli
Critical Writing Program | WRIT073



Fall 2015

Introduction to Digital Media
R. Mukherjee
Cinema Studies | CINE-150, ENGL-078

Modeling Geographical Objects
C. Tomlin
City and Regional Planning | CPLN-503, MUSA-503

Certificate in GIS
City and Regional Planning

The Digital Image
P. Messaris
Communication | COMM-564

Copyright and Culture
P. Decherney
English | ENGL-015, CINE-015

Political Writing in the Digital Age
R. Polman
English | ENGL-159

Digital Illustration
J. Holmes
Fine Arts | FNAR-233, FNAR-633

Art of the Web
S. Derenoncourt
Fine Arts | FNAR-234, FNAR-634

Computer Modeling
S. White
Fine Arts | FNAR-235, FNAR-635

Hand Drawn Computer Animation
Fine Arts | FNAR-241, FNAR-541

Art, Design & Digital Culture
S. Reifsnyder, D. Comberg, K. Fledderman
Fine Arts | FNAR-264, FNAR-636, VLST-264

Computer Animation
J. Mosley
Fine Arts | FNAR-267, FNAR-567, CINE-267

Digital Media for HSPV
J. Hinchman
Historic Preservation | HSPV-624

Intellectual Property Litigation in the Digital Age
B. Marks
Law | LAW-938

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