Michael J. Price Lab for Digital Humanities

About the Director

About the Director

Jim English

Jim English is the first Faculty Director of the Price Lab. A former chair of Penn's English department, he is currently Director of the Penn Humanities Forum, where he launched the Digital Humanities Forum in 2012, a two-year pilot initiative which led to the creation of the Price Lab. Jim's interests in computation and quantification date to his childhood. He built his first computer as a sixth-grade science project in 1970 (see photo), and in high school was a member of the six-student math team that won the New England Championships.

Much of Jim’s recent work has focused on the use of empirical methods and quantitative analysis in literary studies, and more generally on the relation between literary studies and sociology. He views DH as a way to narrow an excessive gap in our educational system between the humanities and the sciences and to promote a more integrative liberal arts curriculum.

For more detail, see Jim’s faculty website.